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Search for very old part program, written years before. Find useful informations for toll's setup.


The DB techs used on this APP allow a very fast Part Progran seeking. If it is stored correctly, the informations supplied once allow to find them very quickly. Starting point for the search is customer code or name. If the company doesn't work for third parties, this info can be e class of products, just to allow this level of division. Once you chose one customer, you get a ordered list (design code) of the stored Part Programs related to the customer. Tapping on an element of the list the program associated with will become the "ACTUAL PROGRAM": this means that subsequent operations in the APP will operate on this Part Program.

The limit for the archive is only actual space on the mobile device. We are now in alpha test for a client/server version, based on our WGCN for Windows. It can store and retrieve in the same archive, for a cuncurrent editing of resources. An external memory device is supported, but in case it's used you cannot dismount during App use.